Lights Out Heartland is a collaboration of organizations from the heartland area of the USA that are partnering to reduce light pollution during bird migration periods.

Spearheaded by the Missouri Chapter the International Dark-Sky Association, Lights Out Heartland is one example of the national partnership between the International Dark-Sky Association and the National Audubon Society (see more below) and is one of many "Lights Out" initiatives throughout the USA as outlined on the National Audubon Society website. 

For questions about Lights Out Heartland, please Contact us. 

Partner Program

Any organization within Missouri or connecting states that is committed to promoting and achieving the Lights Out Heartland purpose can participate as a partner.  

Lights Out Heartland has two types of partners:

Program Partners

"Program Partners" focus on raising awareness with the public on the importance of reducing light pollution to help birds safely navigate during spring and fall bird migrations. Partners deliver public programs, promote awareness through their website and/or social media, and share presentation resources and bird-safe best practices with partners.  Partners attend virtual meetings with other partners on odd months of the year. 

  • To see our current list of Lights Out Heartland "Program Partners", click here.
  • To learn how to become Lights Out Heartland "Program Partner", click here to review our partner expectations and how to participate.

Building Partners

"Building Partners" agree to turn off or dim unneeded building lights during the months of May and September of each year.   This program is just being launched which provides an opportunity for your organization to be one of the first building listed.

  • To see our current list of Lights Out Heartland "Building Partners", click here.
  • To learn more about enrolling your building in our "Building Partner" program, click here.


The International Dark-Sky Association is pleased to announce a new partner in the critical work of protecting the night from light pollution: the National Audubon Society. The two organizations are an excellent fit! Encompassed in Audubon’s mission to protect birds and the places they need is the conservation of critical habitat, including the sky, creating a natural intersection with IDA’s focus on protecting the night from light pollution.   Learn more at