Get Involved

There are many ways for you or your organization to help provide safe passage for migratory birds.

Become a Program Partner

Participate in our effort to advocate with organizations and the general public to turn out lights, especially during peak bird migration periods.

Become a Building Partner

Turn off or minimize lighting at your business during May and September to help provide safe passage for migratory birds.

Enact an Ordinance

Advocate for your city, county, and state to enact ordinances, resolutions, and laws to help provide safe passage for birds, create a healthier environment for cities, and save $$.

Make Your Home Dark Sky Friendly

Homeowners can earn a free Dark Sky Friendly Home Certificate by reviewing their home lighting and making changes to meet the five principles of responsible outdoor lighting.

Host a Lights Out Heartland Event

Raise awareness of light pollution's impact on bird migration by hosting a Lights Out Heartland Event or adding a mention to an existing event.

Our Goal

Turn lights out during bird migration to help birds travel safe.

LEARN MORE: Scientific evidence suggests that artificial light at night has negative and deadly effects on many creatures including amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and plants. Learn more at or